Our campaign for Congress has become more than a campaign, it has become a movement! Over the last two years, I have garnered support from men and women across New York and beyond in my candidacy for United States Congress in NY-20.

I have raised more than twice my opponent Paul Tonko in grassroots fundraising this cycle, a clear sign that New York is fed up with Paul and his failed policies. Like so many of you, I have had enough of Washington politicians that are completely out of touch with the struggles families are facing. It is not just my commitment to relieving the many economic and social burdens men, women, and children are contending with, but in particular, standing up for women. I will fight to regain our country from the radical left that is completely out of touch with the average person. With out-of-control inflation, gas prices spiking and crime rising, we need a change now.

As a mom, I want what is best for our children. We must ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a strong and safe country to grow up.

Will you join Women for a Stronger New York and stand with me to end Paul Tonko’s failed reign in Congress?

Please fill our Women for a Stronger New York pledge form. We want to encourage all women to get involved whether that is by donating to the campaign or lending your time to join our grassroots effort.

Together, we can grow our movement and give all women a stronger voice in Washington, D.C.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

All the best,