Schenectady, NY: Today NY 20 congressional candidate, Liz Joy called Congressman Paul Tonko to task for ducking out on his sworn duty to represent his district when he chose to hand over his proxy vote to Democrat Congresswoman Grace Meng, who represents the 6th District in Queens.
Said Joy, “What do Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery, Rensselaer and Saratoga Counties have in common with Queens, NY? They are now currently being represented by the same person in Congress – Grace Meng. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities of the two districts end which begs the question, what is Paul Tonko thinking? And, where is he?”
“Paul Tonko has done nothing of substance for our district since he was voted into office. He has only sponsored 2 Bills in 10 years, both of which re-named entities that already existed. Under his watch thousands of people and jobs left the Capital Region and hundreds of business owners have now closed their doors. Our hospital resources have steadily depleted thanks to Obama Care and Medicaid cuts to providers. Our District’s Hospitals recently laid off hundreds of workers. Thousands of criminals are now walking our streets, while law abiding citizens have been locked in their homes. Paul Tonko has already shown he has fallen asleep on the job and now he isn’t even bothering to show up to work.”
“If Mr. Tonko feels that going to work is too risky, he should step aside right now and let me do the job for him. The people of NY 20 deserve to be represented in Congress on every single vote taken, no matter how big or small. Imagine what our world would look like if every frontline worker decided that it was too risky to go to work during this pandemic. We would have no food on our shelves; no packages delivered, no medication; no hospital workers, no EMS/EMT’s. Paul Tonko has abdicated his responsibility to the 720,000 constituents that live here in the Capital Region, and he’s handed over our five Counties to Queens, NY for representation.”
“Mr. Tonko must tell us now – will he retract his proxy and go back to work immediately or will he sit home and continue to collect a Congressional Pay check and NY State Pension?”