Schenectady, NY… Liz Joy, candidate for Congress in New York’s 20th District, today blasted her opponent for accepting the Working Families Party endorsement and demanded that he release his endorsement questionnaire. “The WFP is pressuring candidates who seek their endorsement in 2022 elections to shun support from law enforcement unions representing beat cops and correction officers, as revealed by the party’s 2022 candidate questionnaire…
Liz Joy said, “As police officers are being shot in the line of duty and crime spirals out of control in Albany and other cities across New York State, the Working Families Party has declared war on police unions. WFP policies are dangerous and making New York less safe. Paul Tonko should be ashamed that the WFP is supporting him, not proud of their endorsement. He needs to make his endorsement questionnaire answers public. If Paul Tonko is an ally in the Working Families Party’s war on police, the actual working families of the Capital Region need to know and we need to know now.”
Even moderate Democrats have criticized the WFP and its policy priorities outlined in the questionnaire, calling them “out of touch,” “divisive,” and “very problematic.”
Joy continued “People’s lives are at stake and Tonko and WFP are making New Yorkers less safe. The brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe need the full support of our elected leaders. When I am in Congress I will always back the blue and ensure that our police officers have the support, resources, funding and training they need to do their jobs. I will always have their backs in Congress.”
Joy received endorsements from every law enforcement union in the district during her run in 2020 and anticipates their support again this year.