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Gov. Hochul is taking your parental rights.

We endured lockdowns on the promise that one day they would end and that life would return to normal. But a year and a half later, we continue to be subjected to overreaching mandates that defy science and violate our individual freedoms. Will you help fight against Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul’s school mask and vaccine mandates? Sign The Petition

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more chaotic

Democrats like Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul are forcing young children to wear masks in schools — but that’s not all; they’re even considering vaccine mandates for children aged 12-18!

Parents deserve to know who is fighting for them. I can tell you it’s certainly not my opponent  Paul Tonko — but what else would you expect from someone who has been in office for four decades?

As a mom and grandmother, know that I won’t ever stop fighting for you because the future of our children depends on it!