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We Must End The Non-Citizen Voting Law.

Outside of it being illegal, this law is full of policy issues. Aliens who would be able to vote under this law include international students from Russia or China, reporters from anti-American propaganda mouthpieces such as Al Jazeera, Pravda, and the China Daily, and numerous other aliens with global science, economic or political interests that conflict with the best interests of our country. Help Stop This Insanity Sign The Petition

What they fail to mention is that New York City is a sanctuary city. Therefore, though the law says it to only apply to “lawful permanent residents” and aliens authorized to work here, the government, by its own policies, prohibits officials and agencies from inquiring about the legality of an alien’s presence in the city. Under the law passed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in June 2019, illegal aliens (“undocumented immigrants”) in New York are eligible to acquire photo IDs. What will stop them from also voting?