Stanton’s Feura Farm, Albany County New York — Today, Liz Joy attended a press conference held by New York Republican Assemblyman Chris Tague, New York Republican Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik uging New York state legislators to vote against lowering farmers’ overtime thresholds from 60 hours a week to 40 over the next decade.

“Farmers in New York and nationally are facing drastic inflation and a steep increase in gas, including diesel and fertilizer prices,” Liz said. “All of this, compiled with reductions in hours that farm workers are able to work, is a recipe for disaster. Food production is a national security issue.”

Next month, the New York State Farm Laborers Wage Board will recommend the decrease in the threshold for work hours to State Legislators. Farmers and many lawmakers are very concerned about the implications and challenges that this legislation would cause an already struggling industry.

“This bill will lead to food insecurity across not only New York, but also the whole country,” Liz stated. “We will lose many NY Farms if this is implemented.”

During hearings held for this potential piece of legislation, a vast majority of farmers came to testify against the proposed changes.