Schenectady, NY… Liz Joy today announced that the New York State Conservative Party endorsed her campaign for Congress in New York’s 20th District.

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar said, “Liz Joy has the background, experience and understanding of the issues to make an outstanding Member of Congress for the citizens of the Capitol Region. I am pleased to endorse her and will be working hard to see her elected.”

Albany County Conservative Party Chairman Thomas J. Spargo said, “Liz Joy is the most qualified candidate to serve in the United States Congress representing the taxpayers of Albany County. She represents the values and aspirations of hard-working families and supports the need for public safety and the best education possible for our children. Liz deserves our support and our votes in the upcoming election.”

Montgomery County Chairman Robert J. “Pete,” Phelps said, “Liz Joy knows the district, the people who live in the district and will be a great voice in Congress as our representative.”

Rensselaer County Conservative Party Chairman William T. Fiacco said, “Liz Joy will be a fantastic Congresswoman to represent Rensselaer County taxpayers in Washington, DC. She has worked hard to get to know everyone from the area and I put all my trust and support behind her 100%.”

Saratoga Conservative Party Chairman Robert D. Zordan said, “​Liz is a true fiscal conservative who strongly supports law enforcement and rejects the defund the police movement. She will be a strong presence in Congress as we fight to resist the current radical leftist entitlement agenda. As a pro-life, mother of four and devoted wife of a veteran we believe her conservative views are just what we need in Washington.”

Warren County Conservative Party Chairwoman Carol Birkholz said, “Liz Joy is an energetic, down-to-earth family woman engaging voters with a compelling common sense platform that will unite independent voters and voters from all parties. It’s time to put JOY back in New York this November.”

New York State Conservative Party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine said, “Liz Joy has already demonstrated how she will stand up for neighbors and fellow citizens; this is the kind of person that we need in Congress standing up for us.”

Liz Joy said, “I am humbled by the strong support for my campaign from the Conservative Party. I do not take this mission lightly and I am proud to carry the banner of the Conservative Party for the people of the 20th District. I will fight every single day for Conservative values and for the hard-working people of the Capital Region. Unlike out-of-touch career politician Paul Tonko, I will never lose sight of the people and principles that will send me to Congress in November.”