Liz grew up in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. While attending college, she met her husband of 31 years and is the proud mother of four adult children, and is a grandmother.

It was while her husband was Active-Duty Medical Corps that she began to fully appreciate the magnitude of freedoms we have in this great country. As they moved from military base to military base with their growing family, she witnessed first-hand the sacrifices military men and women faced on a daily basis. They selflessly gave with unparalleled patriotism for a land they proudly defended and protected. Now she wants to fight for them and this country.

Liz looks forward to taking on the issues facing our country and will be a check and balance on the out-of-touch politicians in Washington D.C. As a veteran’s wife, Blue Star Mother and lifelong advocate for her community, she sees the struggles facing everyday Americans who are concerned about their future and she plans to fix it.