Over 60% of Tonko’s Contributions from PACs and Special Interests

Schenectady, NY… Liz Joy, New Yorker, Veteran’s wife, Blue Star Mom, and Mother of four, running for Congress in New York’s 20th District, today announced that she raised $171,247.77 during the first quarter of 2022, once again raising more than she did the prior quarter and outraising her opponent in individual donations. Joy raised $146,575.37 from individuals, while Paul Tonko only raised $84,637.61. Less than 40% of all Tonko’s money comes from individual donors. PACs and other special interests make up over 60% of his contributions, and the percentage gets higher every quarter.
Liz Joy said, “Our grassroots campaign against career politician and radical leftist Paul Tonko continues to gain steam across the Capital Region. Our campaign continues to beat expectations and raise more money each quarter. We outraised him again in individual contributions for the third quarter in a row, which shows the level of support we have from people who live and work in the 20th district. Tonko, despite sitting in the majority, has had lackluster fundraising, which shows how out of touch he is with the people he represents. While we raise more and more money from individuals concerned with the direction of our nation, Paul Tonko relies more and more on PACs and special interest money. I will continue to work hard, advocating every day for the hardworking people of the Capital Region and I am looking forward to defeating Paul Tonko and restoring real representation in Washington for our region.”