Liz Joy was one of several politicians and public figures who spoke to The Daily Gazette in the wake of Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as New York State Governor in the wake of the sexual assault allegations that have been lobbied against him. Joy has been openly critical of Cuomo during his time in office, particularly for his handling of nursing homes at the beginning of the pandemic that led to many avoidable deaths for our most vulnerable seniors.

Following Cuomo’s resignation, Joy went on record stating, “Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation is a start. But that is far from enough. There are many outstanding scandals and investigations that need to be fully completed. Andrew Cuomo is a serial predator, abuser, liar, and a criminal. He must be held accountable to the standard of law. All of the women who were abused must receive justice. The families of the 15,000 Nursing Home and Group Residents that perished must also receive justice. He broke Federal and State Laws. It’s time for him to be arrested and prosecuted..”


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