Today Liz Joy, Candidate for Congress in the Capital District, received the endorsement of the Schenectady PBA.
In providing their endorsement, Schenectady PBA President Peter Mullen said, “You are a clear supporter of law enforcement and will promote a policy platform that is centered on law and order, fairness and equality and in stabilizing our nation during these troubled times. You are also a leader who offers representation that is a change from the current entrenched, hyper-political representatives who continue to perpetuate ineffective governance and gridlock in Washington, DC.”
Said Liz Joy, Republican, Conservative Candidate for Congress NY20, “I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Schenectady PBA. The men and women of the Schenectady police force work tirelessly and risk everything to keep us safe. During these unstable times, their jobs are that much more difficult. I proudly accept their endorsement and promise to fight for them to receive the support they deserve both in New York and in Washington.”
In addition to the Schenectady PBA, Liz Joy has received endorsements from: New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union, Council 82, Albany Police Officers Union, Albany County Sheriff Union, Local 775 and the PBA NYS Troopers.