Schenectady, NY… Today, Representative Elise Stefanik, the third highest-ranking Republican as House Republican Conference Chair, endorsed Liz Joy for Congress in New York’s Capital Region district.
Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said, “As the House Republican Conference Chair, I am laser-focused on winning back the House for Republicans and the road to the Majority starts right here in New York State. I’m proud to endorse my friend, Liz Joy, for Congress in New York’s Capital Region. Liz is an America-First candidate who has the ability to defeat the out-of-touch Far Left incumbent who has held office in the Capital Region for 40 years. Our Constitutional rights as Americans have been relentlessly under attack by Nancy Pelosi and career politician Paul Tonko, for way too long and Liz will be an important ally and fighter in Congress.
“A few years ago, Liz was a customer in a Capital Region business, when a man armed with a knife and brass knuckles began a violent attack. She not only stood her ground, but she intervened and fought him off, in order to save another woman’s life. Liz is a proven courageous fighter who has been traveling across the Capital Region standing up for the rights of Capital Region residents and New Yorkers to this day. She is a proud military Veteran’s wife, mom of four, and a new grandmother. Liz highly respects our brave men and women in uniform and will fiercely defend all of our Constitutional Rights.
“If we are going to send Pelosi packing and retake the Majority in the House of Representatives, we must send principled America-first fighters to Washington. Unlike her opponent, Liz is not a career politician. She’s exactly who we all need in office. That is why I wholeheartedly endorse Liz Joy for Congress.”
Liz Joy said, “Not only has Congresswoman Stefanik ascended so quickly in House leadership, but she has also been working tirelessly to elect Republican women across the country and I am honored to have her endorsement for my campaign against a lifelong career politician, turned far-leftist, Paul Tonko. Our American values and way of life are under attack and I am looking forward to being a staunch ally to Congresswoman Stefanik and fighting in the trenches with her to restore Constitutional Freedoms to every American. We must, secure our borders, bring back energy independence, ensure law and order, and make sure our economy becomes number one around the world again.”