November 11, 2021


Schenectady, NY… House Republican Chair Elise Stefanik announced that Liz Joy, candidate for Congress in New York’s Capital District was added to E-PAC’s “Women to Watch” list, which is the first step in the E-PAC endorsement process and indicates that Rep. Stefanik will support Liz throughout this campaign cycle.

Liz Joy said, “I am honored to have Representative Stefanik’s support again and I am looking forward to working with her to support women candidates across the nation and retake the
majority in the House of Representatives next year. Radical Nancy Pelosi and her Puppet Paul Tonko, who has long been out of touch with the residents of the Capital Region, need to go. We
need to elect strong Republican candidates who believe in our founding constitutional principles and will fight for smaller government and unburden the American people from onerous taxes,
regulations and mandates that are holding people back.

“I also want to thank all the voters and supporters who came out for our campaign last time. This time the 20th District has been targeted by the NRCC and it’s because of them. They are
energized and poised to restore representation to the Capital Region in Congress. This announcement is yet another testament to our grassroots supporters.”

House Republican Chair Elise Stefanik said “I look forward to supporting these women across the finish line in both their primaries and general elections. Make no mistake, GOP women will be the first ones through the breach to fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

Stefanik founded E-PAC to recruit, engage, empower, elevate and elect more GOP women to office.

Many of E-PAC’s Women to Watch in 2020 went on to become endorsed E-PAC candidates later in the cycle and then flipped their seats. 11 of the 15 Republicans who flipped seats the last cycle
were E-PAC endorsed women.