Schenectady, NY: Harassment of Republican Congressional Candidate Liz Joy Continues
Congressional Candidate, Liz Joy who is running in New York’s 20th District against incumbent Paul Tonko, is again the target of harassment. Most recently, Thomas Hurd-Toften, a New York State diversity official with the state’s Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, posted a series of incendiary and racially charged comments on Joy’s Facebook page accusing her of using her biracial daughter-in-law as a campaign prop. State officials later removed Hurd-Toften from his position.
The latest incident of harassment came on June 27, 2020, when Liz Joy was notified that illegal, unauthorized donations were made in her name to CAIR (Counsel on American-Islamic Relations), Black Lives Matter and Act-Blue, a fundraising site for democratic campaigns and progressive causes. The illegal donations were made appropriating Liz Joy’s name, address and Campaign Committee email.
Said Liz Joy, “I’m concerned that illegal and unauthorized donations have been made in my name. Let me be clear, I will defend and oppose any illegal and unauthorized misappropriation of my name or my campaign. Despite any opposition or illegal efforts, I will continue to work tirelessly to represent the hard working people of this district.”
General Counsel for Joy filed a report with the Office of the Inspector General at the Federal Election Commission in accordance with Federal Election Campaign Regulations. CAIR, Black Lives Matter and ACT BLUE have all been notified of the illegal activity and ACT BLUE took immediate action. Joy’s Campaign attorney will be further pursuing the matter.
Joy continued, “These underhanded and now illegal actions with the goal of silencing me only proves that my campaign is gaining traction, popularity and resonating throughout the Region. The people of the Capital District are suffering. We have been locked down and shut out. Small businesses are filing bankruptcy, thousands of jobs are being lost, violent shootings and lawlessness are at an all time high. The people of NY 20 need relief now.”