Albany, NY: First time Republican Congressional candidate, Liz Joy outperformed longtime Democrat incumbent, Paul Tonko by receiving more donations from individuals for the last filing period.
According to FEC filings beginning April 1st and ending June 30th, Joy raised $67,733.13 from individual donors compared to $51,924.70 raised by long time incumbent Tonko.
“I’m honored that the individual hardworking men and women living and voting in the Capital Region have chosen to donate to my campaign. Their support of my candidacy during the very difficult time of the COVID-19 shut down is humbling and signals to me that they truly desire change.”
Tonko, who was elected to office in 2008, has been harshly criticized for being out of touch with his district and absent during the COVID-19 shutdown, along with choosing to vote by Proxy instead of returning to Washington D.C. with the majority of his colleagues.
Joy continued, “The people of NY 20 deserve to have a representative that is working for them and their families, not for special interest groups who have a stronghold on Congress. It’s clear from Tonko’s filing that the majority of his support comes primarily from large special interest PACs and not the people of NY 20.”
Overall Tonko raised $133,299.70 during the April 1st-June 30th. 61% of those donations came from PACs. Liz Joy raised $75,383.13 with only 10% coming from PACs.