Lowering the Cost of Living

Joe Biden and Paul Tonko’s inflationary policies are crushing New Yorkers. As your representative, Liz will make lowering the cost of living her number one priority.

Inflation is at a 40-year high and is rising steeply every single month. This hidden tax on hardworking New York families is a direct result of the out-of-control spending and money-printing policies of the Biden Administration and its Democrat allies like her opponent, Paul Tonko, controlling Congress.

From record-high gas prices and groceries, New York can’t afford the Tonko-Biden agenda. Despite causing economic pain to all Americans, the Democrats are doubling down on their disastrous anti-fossil fuel policies, forcing cost increases across the board.  We need new leadership in Washington now to reverse course.

Liz knows and loves New York and wants to make it a place for families to live and thrive, not just survive.

In Congress, she will fight every day to block the Democrats’ failed policies.  She supports lowering taxes, limiting government regulations, and unleashing America’s energy industry to bring costs down immediately.


Public Safety and Supporting our Law Enforcement

As a victim of a violent crime while she was defending a woman during an attempted murder, Liz understands first-hand how important it is to keep violent criminals off the streets. The radical far-left agenda of Joe Biden and Democrats like Paul Tonko have led to skyrocketing crime throughout our state and country – from bail reform to activist judges who are choosing to let dangerous criminals walk free, and the defunding of our police, has made us less safe.

In New York City, thanks to No-Cash Bail, crime has risen 38.5% overall and every major crime index saw an increase. New York City isn’t the only place with crime on the rise. Both Albany and Schenectady counties remain at the top of the highest crime per capita out of the 62 counties!

Albany has an F rating for crime, with a crime rate 56% above the national average, property crime 41% above the average and violent crime soaring 133% above the national average. Joe Biden, Paul Tonko and Democrat Leaders have failed us. We must act now.

In Congress, Liz will fight this extreme “criminals first” agenda that endangers our communities and she will support our Law Enforcement, giving them the tools and necessary resources to protect the public and reduce crime.

That’s why she has been endorsed by numerous Law Enforcement Organizations across New York State.


Securing the Border and Fixing our Broken Immigration System

The policies of Joe Biden and radical Democrats like Paul Tonko have resulted in growing numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into our country unchecked, the flooding of our streets with illegal drugs and guns and giving rise to horrifying human trafficking.  This is a national crisis. The failure of the Tonko-Biden open border agenda has led to illegal fentanyl pouring into our communities across the country, which is fueling the addiction crisis that is killing our friends, family and neighbors here in New York. Every 8 minutes we lose a precious life to fentanyl poisoning in this country and it must stop.

In Congress, Liz will fight to secure our border, stop the flow of illegal drugs, end catch and release, increase the number of border control agents and deport dangerous criminals.


Lowering the Cost of Gas and Becoming Energy Independent

Under Joe Biden and Paul Tonko, families saw their energy costs skyrocket last year.  Our residents are experiencing unsustainable increases across the board. Last year the price of home heating oil increased 43%, while natural gas prices spiked by 61%.  Furthermore, a recent analysis of rising inflation and energy costs has ranked New York as the second most expensive state to live in.  This is unsustainable and the Tonko-Biden agenda will not lower costs for our families.

We must have a diverse energy policy, which includes an all-of-the-above energy strategy that declares our energy independence and lowers costs for consumers.

As your Congresswoman, Liz will support new oil and gas development on federal lands, fight to restart the Keystone XL pipeline, support nuclear power and advance regulatory reforms to streamline the permitting process.


Promoting a Culture of Life

Liz supports the protection of all life from the womb to the elderly, including disabled and vulnerable individuals. She opposes extreme measures favored by the radical left, including late-term and partial-birth abortion, and strongly supports the rights of parents for parental notification if a minor seeks an abortion. At the same time, Liz also believes we must do more to invest in pregnancy health centers for maternal and fetal health – both prenatal and postnatal – to ensure the health and well-being of mothers and children.  She also supports the expansion of adoption opportunities and lowering excessive costs and removal of government “red tape” to allow increased adoption from non-profit and faith-based adoption agencies.

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