Schenectady, NY… Liz Joy, candidate for Congress in New York’s Capital Region District, released the following statement in response to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s decision to close the investigation into disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal and not bring any charges.
“Cy Vance’s decision to close this investigation without any charges against Andrew Cuomo is a tragic disgrace and wildly offensive to all New Yorkers. The victims’ families of Andrew Cuomo’s deadly nursing home policy and subsequent admitted criminal cover up deserve swift justice. Thousands of senior New Yorkers lost their lives alone, without any family visitors, to COVID in nursing homes because of Andrew Cuomo’s own selfish financial and political ambitions. Once again, corrupt New York politics has played a part in allowing underhanded politicians giving ‘wink and nod’ deals to go free, without any consequences for their actions. In corrupt New York politics, the people are always the ones to suffer. Since there is still a federal investigation ongoing, I call on Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Tonko to publicly pledge to let the DOJ conduct an honest thorough investigation. Assuredly, when I am in Congress next year, I will always stand up and fight for justice on behalf of New Yorkers. It’s time New Yorkers had strong representatives and leaders that put them first.”