Schenectady, NY: “Democrat leaders in Albany have failed both its residents and its police force. The dramatic spike in shootings and violent crime is a direct result of failed leadership. These leaders have sided with violent criminals and been slack on supporting law and order. As a result, residents and families trying to live peaceably in their own city, are left terrified day after day. It has to stop and it has to stop right now,” Liz Joy said on Friday.
“We have outstanding and dedicated Albany Police Officers who have worked very hard to build strong relationships with the neighborhoods they serve. But failing Democrat leaders have created a perfect storm resulting in tragic shootings and high crime. Six months into New York’s catastrophic Bail Reform has proven an absolute disaster releasing dangerous criminals out onto the city streets. Mayor Sheehan and Governor Cuomo have routinely withheld the essential support our police officers need to ensure safety and security.”
“Along with New York’s Bail Reform, Democrats repeated calls for defunding of our police departments, low wages and lack of police department funding has fueled lawlessness, shootings and crime. Our Democrat leaders and representatives at both the State and Federal level, including Congressman Paul Tonko, have all abdicated their responsibilities to ensure the upholding of law and order, safety and security. Their vacancy and failure to act has left our Albany neighborhoods and communities extremely dangerous for residents and families.”
“In Congress, I will always stand up for the well being of our communities. Mothers, fathers and grandparents need to know their children and grand-children are safe to play outside. People need to be able to walk to the corner store without fear. Our local, State and Federal officials must support our Albany Police so they can provide the well being our Albany neighborhoods desperately need. Our Officers are well able, it’s the Democrat leadership that’s incompetent,” Said Liz Joy.