“We are confident that as a member of Congress, Liz Joy will show strong support for law enforcement officers, which is of the utmost importance as the challenges facing law enforcement are greater than ever before,” Said Tom Mungeer, NYSTPBA President.
“I want to thank President Tom Mungeer, Vice President John Clark, and all of the New York State Troopers for their endorsement, trust and support of my Congressional Campaign. Our New York State Troopers work day and night to defend, save, rescue and respond to make New York safe and sound. I’m going to work very hard for our law enforcement community in Congress. We must have law and order, safety and security in our country. I’m glad to partner with our men and women in law enforcement. They need representatives that work with them, not against them. They can count on me,” Said Liz Joy
Liz Joy is running against incumbent Democrat Congressman, Paul Tonko who was elected to office in 2010.