Council 82 represents over 3,500 Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, County Correction Officers, State Correction Lieutenants, Emergency Dispatchers, and other Public Safety personnel across New York State, including about 1,000 members who live and work in the 20th Congressional District.
Ronald Walsh, President of Council 82 offered this statement in support of their endorsement, “As you know, the men and women of Council 82 are some of the best law enforcement officers in our nation – caring, compassionate, and professional people who leave the safety of their homes every day to serve and protect all of us and our communities. They respond call to call, day in and day out, in the face of pandemic health risks, calls to “defund” us, and rising violence against us.”
Walsh continued, “We need those in elected positions to be unafraid to stand with and stand up for law enforcement and all of those who want to be safe in their homes and in their communities. We need those in elected positions to be unafraid to do or say something on behalf of law enforcement to calm the reckless and escalating anti-police rhetoric across this Nation. Liz Joy is clearly such a person. Her opponent, Congressman Paul Tonko, has proven to not be such a person.”
“We are especially grateful for and recognize Liz Joy’s vocal support of law enforcement at this time when so many locally and nationally vilify us. She supported the Albany Police during recent protests and she called out Paul Tonko in his knee-jerk rush to judgment in condemning a Schenectady Police Officer before all the facts were gathered. Her actions have not gone unnoticed by us. He has abandoned us, but she stepped up. We’re grateful for that, and we will not forget it. Council 82 proudly supports Liz Joy’s run for Congress and we pledge to support her every step of the way.” Walsh said.
Said Liz Joy, “I’m humbled and grateful to receive the endorsement of the brave men and women represented by Council 82 in my race for United States Congress. Our law enforcement professionals are heroes who risk their lives every day to keep us safe and sound in our homes, neighborhoods and cities. The recent attempts to discredit United States police officers have sparked violence, unrest and lawlessness across our country. The men and women in blue have been relentlessly targeted, assaulted and killed. I will always support them and work alongside of them. We must realize that without our law enforcement community, society would descend into utter chaos and ruin. In Congress, I will work hard to support the law enforcement community and push to make sure they receive all of the funding and support they need to execute their duties safely. Our District’s police officers have the citizens’ backs everyday, and they deserve a Representative who has their backs too.”
Liz Joy is running against incumbent Democrat Congressman, Paul Tonko who was elected to office in 2010.